April 17, 2024

His boring family

My ex was from Temiscamingue, a lost part of Canada. All his family was every summer at the edge of a lake, in caravans. They spent their days drinking beer and talking about everything and nothing. Especially of nothing. Already I hate camping, but besides sitting all day in the middle of nowhere with people with whom I had no affinity, it was terrible. My ex was ashamed of his familyAdorable but so entrenched in such a dull little life ... It was very hard for him too, but still, it was part of him.
At Christmas, it was worse, we spent a few days at home and with -30 degrees outside in this region, we could not go out. We sat drinking and they smoked all day, we smoked the cigarette into our guts. It was like a click, I told myself that I could never stay with him just because I could not bring the baby that we would have in this atmosphere of tobacco.
But I still endured three years of gland summers and Christmas snacks. Three years in which I was so in love that I would never have dared to stay at home when he went.
Adèle, 36 years old

Boring family (April 2024)