August 16, 2022

His ex is invasive: how to get rid of it?

Ah ... this famous ex girlfriend with a broken heart who can not turn the page! We have all known or even we have all been. Not easy to get rid of these women who harass your man on the phone, saturate his mobile phone sms and wait for him every night at the exit of the office.


And yes, it exists! Some have a little trouble assimilating the definition of the word "end". As much to warn you, if you are the new darling of a man whose ex is still crazy, you have become the public enemy number 1, ie the woman to hunt or to urge.


To get rid of it, you can opt for the "We must talk" technique. Either you contact her directly, or you take advantage of one of her many calls on the phone of your half to answer him and make him understand that now, the news is you and you do not want to hear any more about her . Simple, concise ... and clear? That, you'll see it in the coming days.

Another technique: contempt. Ah, she wants to push you to the end? Well, she's always trying, it does not even affect you. These sms, you laugh, these calls you do not even pay attention, when to this sudden desire to cross the road of your man every day, if this poor girl has nothing better to do, it is her problem. By doing so, you are clever and the invasive ex will get tired quickly.
Emergency: Your spouse has a child with her.

If you are a stepfamily, then there, good luck! By choosing the man, you choose the child but especially his mother.

We would all like life to be simple and our lives to be a copied copy of the wonderful family of Annie Duperey and Bernard Le Coq. Pure fiction ! In real life, things are a bit more complicated. If you raise the child of another, know one thing: his mother will always be there.


First scenario: you are lucky enough to come across a young woman who has turned the page and who remains in her mother's place to manage with her ex-spouse only regarding the education of their common child. Second case: the bad pick. You come across the ex-invading ex who did not understand that she had made a choice, that of separation, which now had to be assumed. In general, this kind of woman needs to be told things often enough.


Arm yourself against her 10 daily calls, those moments of blues because she feels lonely, and her desire to make girlfriend-friend with you so that you do things (quite respectable attention) all three. What? She, you and your darling? if, yes, she is very serious and she believes it hard as iron. Logic, she is single, easy for her. If you want to be a little quieter, you can always organize a casting between all your male friends and hurry to find someone.


You can also take your courage with both hands to make him understand that yes, it is the mother of the child that you raise every other week, that you have nothing against it, far from it, it is even surely a woman very well ... but a very good woman who must know how to stay in her place. Hang in there !

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