November 30, 2021

His passions poison my life

The passions of Monsieur
Because it's not enough for him to spend his days there, your half has to bring work back home. His job is his passionand you can not get it off once you're out the door and the slippers on. He always has one last mail to send, a file to read again, a phone call to pass. Well then !


Second passion invasive: football. Brrr, just the evocation of the sport, you get upset. A match or two a week, still goes, but your half needs his daily dose! So, romantic evenings are rare and again, when he leaves you, he has only one word in his mouth: "I wonder what is the scoreArgh!


Your man is cheating on you, he has a mistress ... His name? Renault, Volvo, Audi or other. He pampers his car, offers him the most beautiful options, walks as if it were his sweetheart. And you, during this time, do the housework or look at the Sous le Soleil at home. Nice, the program of the weekend!


On weekday evenings, your Jules offers himself passionate head-to-head with his screen. Rather than sticking to you on the couch or cooking a good meal, he prefers to indulge in his favorite activity: video games. Their names escape you, for you it's Chinese, but one thing is certain, it is a brake on your love life. Apparently, between a part of Street Fighter IV or a part of legs in the air, the choice of your man is quickly done!


The day he decided to buy a dog, you said to yourself "Why not, it will be like a baby, it will bring us closer!Since Demon has landed at home, your man has abandoned you, he is completely a fan of his doggie, he walks him for hours, teaches him how to do tricks, never tires of mumming with him instead. to take care of you, not to mention the hugs that are now reserved for the dog!
And me in all this?
You do not really ask for your opinion! When you moan, the answer is always the same: "This is my passion, I can not do otherwise !"You also happen to hear"Find something to do, you do not care about anything!"Very good ... So you spend time with your girlfriends, you learn to take care of yourself at home, you do not seek to detoxify because it is lost.


The irony of the situation is that when you decide to escape the routine and do things without him, he does not like that much. "Oh, you go to the movies? But you're not good here, with me? ". And once again, it is necessary to put the problem on the carpet, the tone goes up little by little, and it ends in slammed door. Finally, the best is still to keep a low profile, especially not to offend or disturb in action; and to lead your little life in parallel. We have already dreamed better for a couple!
Find a happy medium

You think you have tried everything? You must believe that no, since you are doing your little business each on your side.
Have a passion do not stop him from sharing it! You have the right to be interested in his work, to help him as you can during rush. Watching a football game from time to time is not death, provided it explains the rules. The car rides for two, it's not unpleasant, as the outings with the dog. His video console has two controllers, why not try your luck?


Take an interest instead of pointing at yourself, participate, show that you are there, that you make an effort, that you try to understand it and that you do not intend to leave passion to separate you. We can hope that in return he will pay more attention to you, your desires, your needs.


And whether you like it or not, spend time, take care of yourself, indulge yourself, it does not take away! Rather than stay at home and see him bursting in his corner, go out, change your mind. Your absence will surely be noticed and you will be less transparent once back home. Who knows ? Maybe next time he will drop his files, his TV, his screen or his most faithful companion to accompany you ...


Passion conquers poison- how juice changed my life: Annie Lawless at TEDxLaJolla (November 2021)