August 16, 2022

History of the galette des Rois from yesterday to today

Today, the tradition of wafer Kings is much more culinary than religious. How did she evolve before she managed to put the youngest of the family under the table?

The history of wafer Kings :
The history of wafer Kings goes back to Roman Antiquity. During the pagan saturnal festival, a king was appointed among the young soldiers. The lucky one could then order to eat anything that made him want. This tradition has evolved over the centuries, taking place on Epiphany, January 6th. The Epiphany is a Christian holiday, on January 6, we celebrate the presentation of Jesus to the Three Kings.

The principle of wafer Kings today:
Whether we like it or not wafer Kings, we enjoy meeting together as a family just for the ritual that will take place. The youngest child in the family hides under the table to allocate shares to all members present. Everyone then tastes his share of the cake and whoever finds the bean is the king or queen of the day. The chosen one chooses a king or a queen and gives him the crown.

Where does the bean come from in the wafer Kings ?
Before 1875, the bean symbolized a coin. Since then, it has been replaced by a porcelain bean. Small, who did not start a collection of beans? We must recognize that they are more and more pretty. Pastry chefs have fun to be ever more original! And always for our greatest pleasure!

The entire team wishes you a good wafer Kings ! Long live the king and long live the queen!


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