June 2, 2020

Holiday in the sun: protect the eyes of your children

To allow everyone to fully enjoy its benefits without danger, the National Association for the Improvement of Vision (ASNAV) recalls some valuable tips to protect your eyes. ASNAV also warns parents and advises them to protect the eyes of the little ones.

Sun, watch out for danger!

for up to 12 years, the children's lens is still very transparent and largely passes UV rays. Their eyes are more permeable to light than those of adults because their pupils are wider and the tissues less pigmented.

UV and children ...

- Before 1 year, 90% of UVA and more than 50% of UVB reach the retina.
- Between 0 and 12 years old, 60% of UVA and 25% of UVB.
- After 25 years, these amounts of UV decrease, stopped by the lens.

What are the risks in case of prolonged or repeated exposure?

Ultraviolet rays can be responsible for more or less serious lesions, ranging from keratitis, inflammation felt immediately, to damage of the cornea or lens which may, in the longer term, contribute to the development of cataracts or AMD (Macular degeneration). It is by protecting your baby from the age of 8 days or, better, by avoiding exposing it, that you will be able to reduce the risks due to the sun by 40%!

Some tips to equip your little holidaymakers

Dear parents, we must forget the glasses called gadgets. We must instead opt for maximum protection, we play security! Some criteria are essential:

A well adapted frame

The frame of the sunglasses must be flexible and adapted to the face of the child. Indeed, the temples must also be protected, that is why they must wrap their face and hold properly on the base of the nose and behind the ears. To teach him to wear his glasses all day long from a young age, a support cord can be added.

Standardized protection

The regulation imposes the mandatory labeling mentioning the CE marking and the protection category between 0 and 4. For sunglasses for everyday use, category 3 is recommended. Category 4 is reserved for extreme conditions, for the boat or activities at altitude, for example. Be careful, the shade and filter quality of the UV rays are independent. Both information must be mentioned on the label.

A measured exposure

The good reflexes is also to protect my child in the shade of an umbrella, to force him to wear a cap or a hat and prefer the beginning or the end of the day to practice the outdoor activities.

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