August 22, 2019

Holiday perfumes: the dark ones


Musk and sandalwood make us travel quickly to the confines of the Milles et une nuit. Transform yourself into Sheherazade at the holidays by wearing Amber, Musk and Sandalwood, the last vintage of The Sultana of Saba (Eau de Parfum, 100 ml: 69 euros). This sensual and authentic fragance immediately takes you into an intoxicating world. A few drops in the neck and you have become a real oriental princess to whom no one can resist.


Cinnamon, ginger have well-known aphrodisiac properties and when distilled in perfume, the magic of scents increases their effect. These are the ingredients that make up the aptly named Very Irresistible, Poetry of a Givenchy Winter Fragrance (Eau de Parfum, 50 ml: 68.50 euros). And thanks to orange peel, amber honey and star anise added to spices, the scent is simply enchanting. Presented in a beautiful golden bottle covered by dust of stars, it invites to the escape right away. Attention limited edition!

The sweet-bitters

When the incense mixes with the orange blossom, the bergamot and the sweet vanilla, we obtain Sweet Redemption by Kilian (Eau de parfum, 50ml: 175 euros). It is the perfume-temptation par excellence, built between bitterness and sweetness. The charm operates immediately and we want more. We love the terribly captivating olfactory signature that warms the body and mind. Click here for more information.