May 23, 2022

Holidays by the sea: pay attention to your eyes!

Holidays at the sea: what protection for your eyes?

With the arrival of good weather, our solar exposure is inevitably more important. For all families who will rest and walk on the sand of the beaches this summer, the specialists give you essential advice to protect his eyes and those of his family.

Did you know ?

Part of the ultraviolet is filtered by the atmosphere. We say "thank you atmosphere" but because there is still one but the rest reaches us directly or by reflection depending on the surfaces encountered. At sea, the UV level reflected by the sand is 20 to 30% and 10% on the water.

What are the risks ?

These UV can reach our eyes with risks to our visual health. UV exposure can cause conjunctivitis, ophthalmia (corneal burns) and other diseases in our eyes. For most of them, the renewal of the cells of our eye will make it possible to palliate the problem. In contrast, repeated exposures will promote serious and non-reversible eye problems. You should know that sunburn on the eyelids are not to neglect.

Some recommendations to protect your eyes and those of your family

The choice of the frame and the choice of glasses are of course two paramount criteria.
Regarding the choice of glasses: it must be verified that it is well anti-UV, namely a glass that filters 100% UV. One should be wary if this mention is not on the glasses because the protection can be null. The color of the tint of the glasses alters the perception of the contrasts of the wearer and makes it possible to increase his visual comfort. The important thing is to choose the glasses category. Only the categories of lenses 3 and 4 are considered as true sun tints.

Warning : hue and UV protection are different characteristics. It must be ensured that both criteria are present on the solar equipment.

Regarding the frame: we must favor enveloping frames to better protect your eyes side rays. They represent up to 20% of the UV quality that reaches the eye in the case of classic frames.

Ensure the protection of your children

Children's eyes are more exposed than those of adults. The filtering power of the different structures of their eyes does not reach that of the adult until around 20 years of age. In the one-year-old child, 90% of UVA and 50% of UVB reach the retina. At age 13, 60% of UVA and 25% of UVB reach the retina. Vigilance is essential and the equipment must be of quality in order to resist heat and salt. Do not hesitate to ask your optician for advice!

Not good ! According to the ASNAV Visual Health Barometer 2010, 17% of parents admit not to sunglasses to their children and 31% of parents admit to not putting sunglasses on their toddlers.

Is protection needed underwater?

Underwater, protection of your eyes may be necessary: ​​Excessive irritation of the eyes with sea salt may impair vision. In this case, a diving mask is necessary or essential. For eyeglass wearers, it is quite possible to adapt the diving masks to your sight. They are available from opticians to order.

And if you wear lenses?

Whether you swim or decide to dive, it is strongly advised not to keep your lenses even with a mask or diving goggles so that the possible contact of the sea water on your lenses does not disturb your vision. or else causes an abscess of your cornea.

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