August 16, 2022

Horoscope 2009: Health and fitness of Sagittarius

Horoscope 2009: Health - First trimester: Side health, you will have no concern to you, no planet not threatening this sector of your theme. Supported by Mars and Jupiter, two energy planets that are harmoniously connected to your sign, you'll be in great shape. That said, do not overdo it all the same, and know how to develop resting beaches. Otherwise, you may end up feeling tired.
Horoscope 2009: Health - Second trimester: Better tone, and also better morale. That will help you face the few challenges of this period. You will indeed benefit from a marked improvement in your resistance, both physical and nervous. The change of position of the Black Moon will be positive in this area, because this star will stop having a rather negative impact on your health. Get rid of his influence, you will quickly find dynamism and confidence in you, while your nervousness will fade.
Horoscope 2009: Health - Third Quarter: Several elements will combine to promise you a protected period of health. On the one hand, Mars, the planet of dynamism, will endow you with solid energy reserves. On the other hand, the Sun will earn you good resistance. Just be careful not to pull too much on the rope. Treat your diet, get enough sleep, and exercise daily.
Horoscope 2009: Health - Fourth Quarter: In terms of physical resistance, your Sky will not undergo any significant planetary attack, which suggests an easy and carefree period. On the other hand, with regard to psychic and nervous balance, you risk suffering from the opposition between Pluto and Saturn. These two stars could accentuate your tendency to anxiety, which, in your case, often has the effect of making you somewhat sullen and difficult to live.

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