August 14, 2022

Horoscope 2009: Health and Pisces

Horoscope 2009 : Health - First trimester: You should in principle benefit from a good physical resistance. That said, watch out for Mars, the planet of energy, in the opposite sign to yours. It will earn you a sawtooth tone. In good shape at times, you may feel rather nervous afterwards. Do yoga, this will help you balance your energies.
Horoscope 2009 : Health - Second quarter: The health sectors of your theme are not currently hosting any planet, which means that you will not have anything to fear in this area. That's right, Saturn can bring you moments of fatigue. But most often, the weariness you feel will be of psychic origin rather than physical. If you are feeling flat, take stock: you will realize that it is a diffuse feeling of dissatisfaction or dissatisfaction that makes you want to be pampered, rather than a real exhaustion.
Horoscope 2009 : Health - Third quarter: The field of health will be somewhat weakened. As well know it and take your precautions. The present astral configuration will indeed make you tired. You will miss some tone and risk, in addition, to invent small discomfort. However, you should be able to cope without too much trouble if you respect a healthy lifestyle.
Horoscope 2009 : Health - Fourth quarter: Your health sector will welcome these days the Sun, principle of vitality, which should be worth a nice balance. In addition, Jupiter will in turn arrive in the same area of ​​your theme. This planet of luck and well-being will have a beneficial and direct impact on your health. If you have a long or chronic illness, Jupiter can even help you heal or find a better treatment.

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