June 10, 2023

Horoscope 2009: Professional future of Pisces

Professional future 2009 - First quarter: It will be a little lull. Your recent efforts have been effective, and this time you can approach your work with more serenity or relaxation. But do not forget that Uranus is still in your career sector and that it can, at any time, cause changes in your organization, be it time or working methods. If so, do not play the stubborn: adapt with a smile, you will see that you will be the first satisfied.
Professional future 2009 - Second quarter: The day-to-day work will go smoothly, but without much success either. The stars will undoubtedly give you the desire to improve your professional status, but you will be more in a phase of reflection and preparation than in a phase of action. In any case, you will have great satisfactions and the prospects will be good.
Professional future 2009 - Third Quarter: You will be pushed to action under the good combined aspects of the Mars and Saturn planets. Your spirit of initiative and enterprise will manifest itself to support your ambition. You will not be afraid of risk, and it will succeed you. You will work a lot, most often in tandem, and will receive good encouragement.
Professional future 2009 - Fourth quarter: It is Saturn that will have the most impact on your professional life at this time. Saturn? He is the master of law and order, a somewhat austere person. Do not dream of dazzling progress or surprise change of activity. The climate will be more about stability and the status quo. On the other hand, you may face confused situations or unclear people; Stay alert and be patient.

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