November 28, 2022

Horoscope 2009: professional future of the Virgin

Professional future 2009 - First quarter: Very motivated by the presence of four dynamic planets in your Sky, you will want to assert yourself more in the frame of your work. Bravo! You often tend to over-erase yourself and let others be applauded for you; but it is now time to reap the fruits of your efforts. However, be careful not to try to impose awkwardly: courtesy and diplomacy will be much more effective than aggression and claim.
Professional future 2009 - Second quarter: The passage of the Sun and Venus in your work sector should in principle help you to succeed in your professional life. But everything will not be so simple. As much as you want to succeed and have a certain chance, you will have to fight to impose yourself. Another difficulty: the impact of the Dark Moon will push you to demand too much or to look for an impossible perfection. Put some water in your wine, otherwise you will not have wine at all!
Professional future 2009 - Third quarter: You will have the energy to carry out everything that can make your situation progress. But you will have to remain discreet, under pain of making you breathe some ideas. Above all, keep a sense of reality and take a good look from time to time; this will prevent you from being overtaken by better organized people.
Professional future 2009 - Fourth quarter: Your job situation may feel the effects of poorly-looking Uranus. Do not panic: you do not risk losing your job. But you will be forced to make changes, and you will be forced to adapt, which could upset you. However, you will not have the choice: it will be necessary to accept with good grace the changes in progress.

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