September 30, 2020

Horoscope 2011 Arc

Arabic Horoscope 2011: Your Arc Horoscope for the Year 


First trimester : What troubles men is not things, but the judgments they make about things. "(Epictetus) Resist your current tendency to want to see everything in black. everyone has opportunities for joy as well as sadness Increased risk of venous disorders or varicose veins eat a lot of garlic You will have some lively discussions with your spouse about the children Do not tolerate the intervention of anyone , especially that of your parents or in-laws Your loves will lack charm and you will try to spice it up by resorting to originality.The astral climate will not be favorable to business associations


Second trimester : Contrary to your habits, you will not be too reserved or too discreet, and you will no longer try to hide your feelings. Whether with your family or with the one you love, you will openly show your tenderness. Your behavior will enchant your loved ones because they will know for sure now that they have a place in your heart. You will be perfectly right to give marks of your affection because, as Shakespeare said, "those do not like who do not show their love .."
This period comes under the best auspices; take advantage of it to achieve what you have always wanted. If you pull the devil by the tail, you will finally find valuable solutions to balance your budget. You will see everything in pink, and you will be in the mood to fall madly in love with the first person to come. Friendship will be the star: your exchanges will be marked by amenity and sympathy; but it is possible that envy or jealousy is hidden behind some friendly marks, be careful to detect them


Third trimester : You will undergo two contingents of astral influences clearly separated. On the one hand, certain aspects will slow you down in your tracks or make you doubt your luck. On the other hand, lunar impulses will be favorable in terms of the heart, friendship, ideas, creation. If you have plans for trips or vacations to organize with friends, you should put all this together without much difficulty. If you are in a period of change professionally, chance could serve you often enough. You will give great importance to your social and social life, and you will have easy reports. You will have ideas of genius, but will have difficulties to concretize them on the spot. An exhilarating and decisive sentimental encounter could take place. Take some rest to quickly find your efficiency. You will be well advised to carefully note all your expenses, even if it requires a terrible effort; you will avoid big money problems soon; Come on, take the trouble to try!


Fourth trimester : The planet Pluto will form negative aspects that are quite irritating, perverse and demoralizing. It will not promote the realization of your projects, and your ambitions may be at a dead end. If you are not careful, you run a real risk of falling into indifference and sterile wait-and-see. You will have to react energetically against discouragement, persuading yourself that "the darkest hour precedes dawn" (Th. Fuller).
Risks of nervous disorders having direct consequences on the functioning of the digestive system. Cultivate diligently the sense of humor. Be careful in your dealings with the IRS. Home life could be a big problem for you. By accepting change, you will increase your chances of success. Your work will go this time before everything: it is in this sector that you will be able to make feats, but it will ask you all your energy.

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