July 3, 2020

Horoscope of the ascendants of the sign of the Virgin

  • Ascendant at Aries:Uranus will prove your best ally. Thanks to its action, you will have your feet firmly on the ground and will use all your resources to carry out your most ambitious companies.

  • Ascendant of Taurus:Put order in your various aspirations, focusing on the most important ones. With the support of Jupiter, you will be able to balance things between your deepest aspirations and what is just a passing whim or wish.

  • Ascendant to Gemini:You will feel the need for greater sentimental stability, and you will finally see more clearly about your true aspirations. Venus will give you the ability to start on a new basis.

  • Ascendant to Cancer:The planet Saturn will give you an unusual dynamism, to the point of making you very active and very courageous. It will guide you in particular to take initiatives in the sphere of leisure. And it will of course promote all physical activities.

  • Ascendant to Leo:Your relationships with those around you will have priority. You will strive to create a warm, relaxed atmosphere around you. During this year, the atmosphere of crisis, complications will have nothing to please you.

  • Ascendant in Virgo:Constructive year. You will have a dazzling form. Dynamic and more organized than usual, you will be able to carry out large-scale projects. Heart side, you will bathe in the tenderness.

  • Ascendant in Balance:This is a very good year for single singles, who will be pushed to the town hall. Couples will benefit from beneficial astral impulses to renew themselves in a love bath.

  • Scorpio Ascendant:You will have chances to get noticed by your professional entourage and to have a more enjoyable and profitable promotion or activity. Despite this, be sure to limit your expenses because there will be significant risks.

  • Ascending to Sagittarius:This year you will only listen to your heart. To hell with reason and reasoning! You will not want to be wise or logical. You will live rather to the rhythm of your fantasies. And you will say to yourself: "I prefer a practical vice rather than a tiring virtue" (Molière).

  • Ascending to Capricorn:You will be financially favored. Without going so far as to ensure you a bonanza, the stars will allow you to live without worry. You will be well placed for any question related to heritage, inheritance, succession; you will know how to grow these properties wisely.

  • Ascending to Aquarius:Physical success is part of your goals? Well, you will be partly satisfied. Thanks to Mars, you will develop and significantly strengthen your financial situation.

  • Pisces Ascendant:You will have the disposition and the energy to carry out the big projects that are important to you. Do not wait, get into the adventure without sparing your time or effort.

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