April 19, 2024

How beautiful you are! : Little girls stories

At the base of How beautiful you are!, there is a simple idea: to talk about girls through the prism of the Sephardic Jewish community in Paris. So we follow the vagaries of the life of Alice, Isa, Lea and Nina, active young women, or completely overwhelmed by life and his little worries. This romantic comedy is served by a perfectly tuned quartet (Michele Laroque, Valerie Benguigui, Aure Atika and Geraldine Nakache, the very promising little news) and male characters a bit stereotyped (special mention to Alexandre Astier in odious macho) and quite charming (new mention to Thierry Neuvic and David Kammenos). So, certainly, we do not escape the clichés of the Jewish mother (Marthe Villalonga in great shape) or large family gatherings for religious holidays, but deep down it is not what is really important.

No, basically, it's mostly the story of four women juggling between work, husband and children, who are recovering from a breakup, who believe in great love or who are reluctant to be tempted by a potential lover... How beautiful you are! it is a sum of ordinary stories, of women who cry, who laugh, who suffer and who also live beautiful moments. And this, this romantic comedy is punctuated. In addition, there is such an improbable music (from "For you still love me" by Céline Dion, going through Laurent Voulzy's "Desire Desire" or "The desire to love" of the Ten Commandments ...) that effective and situations that we say "Here, I reacted exactly the same when it happened to me" or simply "Here, this is me": just for that, we do not wish that good at this movie. So what do we say? "Mazel tov!"

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