May 28, 2024

How can I help my child with homework?

After a long day ofschoolit is not always easy to motivate your child to do his homework: on the one hand because he needs to decompress and on the other because he is tired of the hectic pace of the day.

Before you start, make sure your child has tried to recharge his energy, turn off the TV or do not turn it on when he comes home from school. Explain that there is a time for everything and that his free beaches must be shared between the work of theschool and leisure.

To work well, it is essential for your child to have all the necessary tools to do his homework properly: pencils, notebooks, books ... It is important that he has all his equipment at hand to make him feel confident.

To do his homework well, his office should be cleared if he works in his room, but he can also work near you in the living room or on the dining room table. You must ensure that the environment is conducive to concentration.

It's also important not to put pressure on him for homework, you just have to exercise a control and monitoring function. Avoid staying behind your back while doing homework. You must reassure him, stay in the vicinity so that he can seek your help, but without stressing him. Use this time to be attentive to its difficulties.
If he does not understand an exercise, have him re-read the utterance entirely aloud and ask him about each sentence. Very often, children do not take all the clues of the statement or read too quickly, which leads to errors.

Teach him to heal his work tools, especially his textbook. In general, homework is poorly rated and is poorly maintained.
Our advice
Even if the homework is not finished, it is better to do well done than sloppy exercises. The most important thing for your child is to assimilate the knowledge learned.

Helping your kids with their homework (May 2024)