February 29, 2024

How to accessorize my little retro dress?

Tendency requires, this winter we will all put on a little retro dress. Practical and pretty, it allows us to dress in the blink of an eye. Yet question accessories, we often remain puzzled: with what shoes to put it? Which bag? Do I have to put jewelry? Do not panic, we will answer all your questions.

The shoes : Accessories favorite shoes, the shoes will allow us to accentuate or on the contrary to break the style of our little dress. For example, if you wear it to go to the office, you will rather favor high-heeled shoes or salomés open for a retro side. Fans of flat shoes can bet on leather derbies for a masculine-feminine style or simply on soft black ballet flats if our morphology allows it. Finally, during the weekend or in the evening, we can have fun to totally divert his dress by putting on biker boots or worn up converses. Allure Saint Laurent assured!

The bag : Much more than a means to carry all our little things, the handbag is also a way to perfect our outfit. With a dress, two solutions are available to us. First option: we take a basic handbag, rigid leather, in sober colors such as black, brown or burgundy for a rather chic look. Second option: the pocket or the minaudière, practice to carry the bare minimum when one leaves until the end of the night. In any case, we avoid shopping bags or shoulder bags, too casual to accompany our little dress like it should be.

Jewelry : An outfit is never perfect without some jewelry. Nevertheless, one rule is necessary: ​​the dress is worked out, the less you wear jewelry. For example, if it's a simple dress United, we do not hesitate to accessorize a necklace plastron, a cuff or large earrings (but not all three at once). Conversely, if the dress is printed, one is satisfied with simple pearls with the ears or a discrete chain with the neck. It's all about proportion.

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