June 13, 2024

How to apply a beauty oil?

Solar oils, oils for the hair but especially dry oils for the body ... this summer, the beauty oil is popular in perfumeries and large surfaces .... Easy to apply, voluptuous and moisturizing, they nourish and give a satin finish to the skin. What are we waiting for?
It is applied on the body:
- After the shower, on wet skin for a quick penetration and a feeling of absolute comfort after sun exposure.
- For the evening, if you have tanned skin, opt for a scintillating sublimating oil
- To replace the perfume and coat the skin with a veil that smells like a holiday
- Thanks to the new formulas of dry oils, the beauty oils do not stick anymore and moisturize the driest skins.
- For the hair: before jumping in the water, apply a nut on the lengths, especially if you have colored hair. This small gesture will prolong your color
- As a mask on hair (very dry) in the evening for silky hair.


The good shopping:
- Nutri Extra Oil gingham : 18.30 euros
- Divine Oil Caudalie : 21 euros
- Beautifying Oil Roger & Gallet Osmanthus Flower: 23,50 euros
- Polysianes Sublimating Oil: 15.10 euros

How Facial Oils Should Really Be Used In Your Skincare Routine | For Dry, Combination & Oily Skin (June 2024)