January 31, 2023

How to argue well?

1- Know how to listen
Listening is one of the keys to a good fight. So, even if your man is not very adept or hurt, try to understand why he is talking to you in this way and what he is trying to convey to you as a message. There is undoubtedly something important for him. So learn to hear what he has to say ... even if you do not necessarily agree in the end.
2- Be precise in your reproaches
No need to empty your bag for every argument. This is the best way for this to escalate. If a conflict breaks out because of a derogatory remark, then do not finish the discussion by screaming "anyway you never do anything in this house". It's not the subject. Every thing in its time, do not mix everything.
3- Keep a tone
Your man starts screaming? Lower the tone of a notch. Although it is sometimes very difficult to keep calm in these moments, it is important to manage to contain oneself. Cries do not do anything good. Under the storm, you will not get anything favorable: on the contrary. So learn to keep calm and talk d-o-u-c-e-m-e-n-t ...
4- Try to find compromises
At the end of an argument, it is important that no one feels left behind. A good fight is one that ends without rancor and bitterness. It is therefore essential to find a compromise, a solution where everyone will be satisfied, without forgetting the good of the other. Do not forget that you are forming a team. You are not enemies. So you should come to an agreement, right?
5- Do not forget the compliments
If you have the impression of spending a lot of time arguing, a good way to ease tensions is to balance the scales with compliments. After seeing a problem, do not forget, as soon as the opportunity arises, to express something positive. It's important to show the other that everything is not bad.
6- Play with humor
Nothing forces you to enter the infernal circle of reproach and aggression. Instead of criticizing critically, play with humor. Unzip the situation with finesse. It may be a radical way to end an argument with a laugh ...
7- Learn to apologize
Nothing is worse than to be alone in one's corner to ruminate. If you feel that you made a mistake or hurt your lover, never hesitate to ask for forgiveness. It is a proof of intelligence and wisdom to know how to question oneself.


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