August 14, 2022

How to boost his look: we drop the bottom

Take a walk in your closet and find there all the ups you have rather long (covering at least until under the buttocks), and a little wide. Shirts, extra large turtleneck sweaters, sweatshirts, cardigans, coarse vests, V sweaters, loose T-shirts ...
A simple and radical way to give them a new life? Wear them without the usual jeans that you're used to pairing them with! We play Kate Moss and we dare to drop down, wearing ...

A shirt a little long with a sweater, tights and "open-toes"
A long cardigan with leggings and riding boots
An XXL sweater with satin tights and ballet flats.
The little advice in addition: if the garment is long enough (above the knee), we dare sticky. If it is shorter, we prefer the leggings, just to avoid the style "I forgot my skirt".

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