July 5, 2020

How to boost your look: we play the sock

The good thing about socks is that it costs (almost) nothing and it can pay big. You are doubtful in front of your ten pairs of views and magazines? Follow the guide !
The big sock has nice days in front of her, and with the cold it does, we will not complain! Admittedly, this big pair is perfect for cocooner and sleep (what a class!), But know that it will be just as much:
  • In a pair of sandals, even in summer we play the tone on tone (brown sandals, beige socks) or the contrast (red pumps, black socks).
  • To bring out at the top of a pair of riding boots, above a pair of woolen tights.
Another option, the same success: opt for thinner socks, but by focusing on fantasy: lace or satin to modernize a pair of ballerinas, or gold or silver in Derbys or moccasins falsely classic.
The little advice and more: we do not hesitate to crack also for flashy tights (orange, yellow, red ...) that put color in the street and in the hearts!