January 16, 2022

How to choose a baby carrier

The baby carrier involves the comfort of two people: the wearer and the worn. If you are able to feel the comfort of a baby carrier, the soft straps and the position that does not break your back, your baby has a harder time expressing whether the baby carrier suits him or not. !

For you, it is better to adopt a baby carrier with two straps. Side baby carriers are out of balance and it's harder to carry your baby. The baby carrier must have brace and support settings for your baby.

The fabric the baby carrier irritates less if it is in natural fibers, which breathe well. It must be washable. It must of course be solid, made from quality materials and impeccable finishes. The fabric should not be too hot. Better to dress warmly your baby in winter.

The position your baby should be as close as possible to that of the frog. He must "go down" in his baby carrier, have his hips in contact with you and legs bent.

Support your baby needs to be optimal. You must have the feeling of close contact with him, and when your baby falls asleep, he must not collapse. Especially before at least three months, a headrest must prevent his head from rolling.

Some baby carriers are scalable and can carry your child from birth to 3 or 4 years. Choose one of them right now, because once the baby is used, the stroller sometimes seems very cumbersome!
Our advice
Portage workshops exist in many cities. Get close to one of them because you will learn tricks to wear your child in a sling, without it weighs on your hips or your back.

5 Tips on Buying a Baby Carrier | CloudMom (January 2022)