January 24, 2021

How to choose a swimsuit?

Among the neon fitting rooms that do not forgive any imperfection (and even accentuate the rather pale color of your skin that has not yet sunbathed) and your small complexes, you never leave the store completely certain to have makes the right choice. To avoid trying a lot of swimsuits before finding the one that sublimates you (bikini, a room, colored, striped ...), follow the guide.

Filiform silhouette
The ideal model: bra + boxer
This set perfectly dresses your little chest and highlights your flat stomach. The boxer, breaks the filiform line of the thigh and rounds your figure.
You can choose plain or small patterns and discrete patterns.

Thin silhouette
The ideal model: All
You can afford all the fantasies and buy the model that you like. To enhance your chest, opt for the triangle top. If you have small breasts, cheat with a padded bra.

Round silhouette
The ideal model: one-piece swimsuit
Round women will prefer well-wrapped one-piece swimsuits. Draw attention to your chest with a deep neckline. Choose a model with a slight indentation to lengthen your thighs. If you prefer a two-room apartment, avoid bikinis. Prefer a model with panties that rise high over the belly and underwired bra to support your chest.
Reasons: plain or two-tone with vertical stripes to lengthen your figure.

Choice of colors
Pastel colors are ideal for fair skin or those who have not tanned yet. The bright colors, on the contrary, sublimate the dull skins and the tan.
As for black or chocolate, they refine the silhouette and reassure the less daring.

Latest tips
To hide a little round belly: prefer a broadband jersey.
Your pelvis is narrow: show off your hips by choosing panties with ruffles, laces ...
To refine your size: opt for a one-piece swimsuit with diagonal lines.
Your shoulders are wide: choose a top to tie around the neck.
Your shoulders are falling: favor a top with square necks and straight straps

How to find the perfect bikini/swimsuit for your body type | BIKINI GUIDE | Justine Leconte (January 2021)