October 22, 2021

How to choose your moisturizer

At the supermarket, at the pharmacy, in your beauty salon, the skins of multiple moisturizing creams challenge you with their promising notes. Dry, normal, mixed, sensitive skin; gels, creams, emulsions; anti-redness, anti-dry plates, antiallergic ... Take things in hand.

A well hydrated skin is radiant and do not pull. This is the number one principle in choosing your cream. Feel free to change if yours does not suit you or more. Because the needs of your skin can change according to the seasons, your way of life or your age.

The type of skin is the key criterion of the right choice. There are only three. Do you have oily (or mixed), dry (or sensitive) skin, normal? Your skin is oily if it shines especially on your nose, your chin and in the middle of your forehead, on the midline and if blackheads and small pimples appear easily. Normal skin may shine slightly on the midline but tense on the cheeks and be sensitive to redness. Your skin is dry if it feels very fast when exposed to cold, wind or water.

The choice of texture then is possible, second. Oily skin needs an emulsion or gel. They are more fluid and less fat. They help to matify the complexion without blocking the pores of the skin. Normal skin may choose a slightly richer and creamier texture, such as a light cream. Dry skin must be nourished and needs a rich texture whose formula helps retain water in the tissues.

In winter, you may prefer a slightly richer cream texture for your dry, oily or normal skin. Both cold and heating tend to dry out the skin.
Our advice
The hydration of the skin also comes from within. Drink water in the morning on waking and throughout the day.

Mayo Clinic Minute: Moisturizer tips from a dermatologist (October 2021)