December 10, 2023

How to dress well your baby in winter?

Tip # 1: Cover your head well

As with adults, the greatest heat loss is by the head in adults babies. But it is even more important at home because, unlike adults, their heads are proportionately larger than the rest of their bodies. So every time you take your child out, carefully cover his head with a hat or hat. Favor soft materials that baby will bear better!

Tip # 2: Protect Hands and Feet

It is first the extremities of the body that cool in the adult and, in babyCooling is even faster because of its small size and low movement capacity. Gloves and thick socks are therefore required as soon as you go for a ride.

Tip # 3: Multiply layers of clothing

This will allow you to take off some clothes when you enter a heated place so that it is not too hot. Finally, the more you multiply layers of clothing and the better your child will be isolated from the cold.

Tip # 4: Check if it's hot or cold

Since a baby can not express itself it is up to you to learn to detect whether it is cold or hot? Touch his hands; if they are cold it is that it needs to be warmed up (Remember Tip # 2!). To know if he is too hot, listen to his breathing: it is noisy if it is too hot. If it sweats, is this another sign of excessive heat?



How To Dress Your Newborn Baby | Mothercare Baby Advice (December 2023)