June 23, 2024

How to encourage my man to put cream?

If your man is desperately dry skin and deaf to your talk about the benefits of moisturizing skin, his reluctance is not unfounded. Beauty creams have long been associated with women and we understand the difficulty for a man to take the step, despite the progress of the cosmetics industry. Even if the advertising films show us models of virility applying care creams, so far, the average man does not run the cosmetic rays ... Only men exercising a profession directly related to the image (advertising, media ...) have fewer states of mind and are big consumers of creams of all kinds ...

To convince Jules,
first of all, make people aware of the benefits of hydration: sun, cold and skin do bad things ...

Since this speech will not be enough, tell him about
the new L'Oréal pub featuring actor Patrick Dempsey: he is handsome, he is masculine and for him, putting a cream to preserve his skin is no problem.

Start by offering him a pre-shave care to protect his skin,
then a moisturizing aftershave. Choose powerful products, he will see very quickly the improvement of his skin and will want to maintain this result.

Try to sensitize him in a fun way
applying on one part of his face one of your creams. Even if men have very thick skin, it will be better than nothing at all.

It's about educating him gradually and in stages.
You can point out your dark circles and bags under the eyes, by offering a care adapted to the eye area.

Once this step is completed,
he will be familiar with the world of cosmetics and will no longer need you; he will go himself to buy his products ...
Our advice
You can give him a gift by buying cosmetics of the brand he is used to. He will feel confident and will end up using them if they stay on the bathroom shelf ...

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