June 10, 2023

How to find his line after the birth of baby?

What is it ? It is an electrostimulation belt that acts in a gentle and targeted way so that young mothers find a flat stomach quickly. In order to occupy the best time, the young mother can do this "exercise" during the siesta of baby.

It's practical and effective

Four weeks ... it's the time needed for the young mother to regain her femininity, her harmonious figure and her flat stomach. For a gentle and focused action, time-saving and proven efficiency, the mom will opt for the System + Tummy Tumming Belt. After perineal reeducation and physical recovery, pay attention gently, good abdominal toning is essential.

At what pace?

The young mother can trust Slendertone to find a flat stomach in four weeks. See more! Five sessions of 20 minutes a week will allow the mother to lose 3.5 centimeters of waist.

Tips for finding the line after childbirth :

- Rebalance his nutrition
- Re-educate your perineum
- Take back gently physical activity
- To relax
- Restore

If you have just given birth, you should know that back problems in young mothers are common. Therefore, it is necessary to remuster the abdominal strap which will help relieve back problems. Once the strap is sheathed, it will bring a better posture to facilitate the wearing of baby.

Price: 179 euros.

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