August 14, 2022

How to find his style?

Feeling beautiful and good in one's clothes is important, even when one is anything but superficial! Because the clothes offer us a shell that helps our confidence in us and gives us the feeling of being looked at with admiration. So what does it take to have a well made cabinet? Well, start by following these four fashion tips...

1- Opt for a style that suits you. To do this, surf the fashion and makeover and steal their tips. Immerse yourself in magazines that fit your age and your tastes. Focus on who you are and choose a style that is close to you and your personality.

2- Treat the color assortment. The colors flatter the complexion, illuminate the face and even speak of your moods. The monochrome is always sad (a fashion tip is to prefer shades), the color duo is no surprise but the trio of colors offers an interesting look. The specialists of makeover will tell you that more than three colors is too much.

3- Learn to highlight your morphology. This is a capital fashion tip. Small templates have an interest in lengthening the silhouette by avoiding creating horizontal lines such as belts, stripes, flat colors ... The luscious silhouettes are favored by the fluid materials and must emphasize their uncomplicated advantages, such as their thin waist or their voluptuous cleavage.

4- Think about accessories. Bracelets, earrings, necklaces, necklaces, scarves, scarves personalize the outfits and give them character. The specialists of makeover always insist on the importance of matching your bag with your shoes and scarf, as well as choosing a purse in the same range of colors as your bag.
Our advice:
Always make up lightly and get advice at a department store. They even offer free demonstrations of their products. It's time to learn and borrow all their tricks.

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