June 23, 2021

How to forget his ex definitely?

Delete it from your Facebook friends list.
It's really not worth seeing the face of her new girlfriend (cannon), nor reading daily her playful comments on her wonderful life without you.

Come out.
And if you remember your old bunch of friends? The one your ex did not want to see anymore. With them, you can go out again, party, go on weekends, in short enjoy life.

Immerse yourself in the job.
This is the moment to accumulate the hours at the office. It will save you from spending your days wondering why you are no longer with your ex. And then, to work is a way of emptying one's head.


Sort it.
Exit his clothes, his CDs, his sweet words. It's time to throw away, give away or hide everything that reminds you of your ex.

Remember what you did not support at home:
his snoring, his desire to control everything, his thoughts on your girlfriends. When it's over, we tend to idealize, to fantasize a relationship, so it's important to open our eyes and see his ex as he really was.

Talk about it around you.
If you can not forget it, ask for help. Do not hesitate to go see a psychiatrist who will take the time to listen to you and help you to pass this difficult course.

Accept new dates.
Tell yourself there is nothing better than a new man in his life to zap his ex once and for all.

Take a tour at the hairdresser.
Your ex swore by your long hair and cut well, without embarking on a great metamorphosis. This new haircut will give you the feeling of making a fresh start.

Enjoy your freedom.
Every night, you scrambled to choose the TV program. And enjoy those moments of total freedom where everything belongs to you alone. It is also by finding oneself in front of oneself that one advances in the life.

Refuse to see him again.
You will always have girlfriends who will tell you to see him again to trivialize the situation. Big mistake ! You risk falling back and suffering, remember that time remains your best ally to forget it.

Make yourself happy.
Give yourself everything that can help you feel good: new wardrobe, massages, delicacies ...

Trust destiny.
After all, if you're not together anymore, it's because he was not the man you needed. Ok, that's an easy argument but it's always good to hear it, especially when the breaking has been complicated.


The REAL Secret To Getting Closure (It's not what you think...) (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy) (June 2021)