April 10, 2021

How to gain inches through fashion ?!

Nature, although great, is still poorly done. Indeed, who has not at least once wanted to change something about himself, his nose, his mouth, his hair, his line, etc ... and the list is still long. One thing moreover comes back tirelessly on the carpet: it is the size! Yes, aside from the curves that are a recurring subject, size is a real sensitive point for some women, who have only one dream, to take the height like the models, "canons de beauté" of today's society.

Of course, it takes everything to make a world, and then anyway, as the saying goes, everything small is cute!
Truce of joke, the size maybe a serious complex in some people, so at GirlsFromMainStreet.com, we decided to give you two three tips, in order to make the most of your centimeters, and to gain in length ...

The number one instruction, use and abuse heels! No need to tell you, heels are a real alternative to too small a size. Five, ten, fifteen centimeters, it is to the choice, the whole thing is to know how to walk high perched, and to know how to adapt them to the good behavior. With the heels, the centimeters are concrete and can display a much slimmer silhouette. Besides, even tall women put on heels, for ever more pace, so why deprive yourself when you're smaller?

Fortunately today, brands are as diversified as the clothes available, and small sizes are also entitled to an ever wider range of fashion pieces, which allow them to sublimate their size.

Above all, know that you must avoid length at all costs ... Dresses hippie chic mode, which hangs on the ground, the long skirts very bohemian, although very beautiful and trendy, will only pack you down. So prefer small light dresses and trapeze skirts, just above the knee, or even shorter for the more adventurous! Unveil your legs and enjoy a brighter silhouette.
For trousers, favor straight cuts, and even slims for the finest of you. Trousers enhanced with fine vertical stripes will necessarily lengthen your size, for your enjoyment.
Conversely, ban horizontal lines that will only collapse you!
Also flee clothes that are too wide. It is imperative that your dressing is perfectly adapted to your body to maximize the lengthening factor.
Print side, crack for what is discreet, the volume is not really advisable, or on a small chest high to catch the eye at the highest level.

The accessories: the smaller they are, the more they are impeccable! XXL bags, for example, are to be forgotten, at the risk of seeing you completely eclipsed by your it-bag.

The final touch, lies in the hair ... Because fashion, is one with beauty! Indeed, to crown your new sleek look, favor high hairstyles, such as buns and ponytails ... And for the beauties boyish, bet on hair jewelry, and beautiful earrings, for a look once again captivated in height.

From now on you know everything! No more excuses to complain ... Try, and you'll see, your size will be just a detail!


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