June 2, 2020

How to get and maintain a nice red?

Coloring home or appointment at the hairdresser?

To ignite her hair without being imprudent, we use the precious advice of her hairdresser before turning into Jessica Rabbit. For a first coloring better ask a professional hairstylist to take care of it. Only he can tell you what shade of red to choose. The colorist can then correctly apply the base of your new color. Result? We avoid surprises and carrot hair color completely missed.

Which red to choose ??

- The red is consistent with his personality. If you are naturally red, reinforce the sensual side of your color with a sweep loaded with intense red or orange pigments. You accentuate the flamboyant and glamorous side of your color.

- On a base going from blond to chestnut, opt for a soft coloring in the Venetian blond tones. If you prefer something even more discreet, sweep your hair nice reflections golden coppery. Your color will then take a nice shine.

- On a brown base, revive the glow of your hair with warm, dark red shades. Mahogany, aubrun, red orange, give your hair a boost with these explosive nuances.

How to maintain his redhead ??

Like blond, red is a color that requires a lot of maintenance. It is therefore necessary to use special products to take care of its hair. To maintain the shine of her hair, it is pampered daily with a shampoo and a conditioner pigmenting. These treatments sublime, nourish and enhance the color. Once a week, we also think of pampering his hair with a hair treatment specially designed for redheads. In this way, we maintain the color. For example, you can apply a special shine mask after shampooing. With this care you will get a maximum of reflections and light.

How to Choose & Maintain the Best Red Hair Color for Your Skin Tone | Clairol (June 2020)