October 4, 2023

How to keep one's dignity when one breaks one's face?

Admit it, you have a good laugh when you see Nicole Kidman, four irons in the air, on a paved street in New York. You said to yourself, "Oh shame, she broke her mouth!" If that's the case, you've even secretly dreamed that she's doing her perfect off-white dress, just to ruin her outfit, after ruining her reputation. Well yes, falling stars, it's a shame. They boast of being perfect, parading on the red carpet, shaking their buttocks to avoid tripping and who love to pose in front of the camera. It will teach them, well! Except that, ladies and gentlemen, you have all been in this situation already. And you have even suffered. So, instead of making fun of Nicole KidmanThink back to the time when, stupidly, you missed a walk to find yourself, the skirt half raised, on the floor. At this moment, no smile on your face. But red cheeks and drops of sweat on your forehead. Because of shame. And fear that someone has seen you. Come on, do not cry. GirlsFromMainStreet.com is here and today offers you some tips to keep your dignity if it were to happen again. And you will see that beside, Nicole Kidman will pale!
1. Tip # 1: Do not stay on the floor
Your ankle hurts. "Yes, you did not have to buy these heels twelve centimeters "will probably answer your mother.Belle, yes, it abuses a little.These shoes are beautiful.But they have caused your loss, when they are miserably stuck in the air vent of the metro. So, get up right now, no time to play the little girls who whine, stay dignified, keep your head up and stand up, without even a look behind you. that you are a strong woman and that this fall can not impede your supremacy (yes, it is better to make tons, in these cases, to give yourself a little courage and capacity) and leave immediately.
2. Tip # 2: Do not look behind you
The temptation is strong. But we must resist. Do not look behind you. Do not try to find out if we've seen you. Do not scrutinize the faces of people passing by, asking what they think of you at this moment. Otherwise, you risk becoming paranoid, imagining that people are laughing at your downfall. While they probably did not even notice you. Instead, keep your eyes fixed in front of you while getting up. And pretend it does not matter to you that we've seen you. Remember: you are a strong woman (repeat it several times to persuade yourself).
3. Tip # 3: Do not laugh like a hyena

Ah, the beginner's trap. You've just fallen and you think, "I'm going to laugh kindly, to make you think I'm crazy about what has just happened, because I'm a self-deprecating woman who never shames. . " FALSE. You're lying ! Of course, you feel silly, there, on the ground. And laughing will not arrange anything, on the contrary. Especially since in general, in these moments, your laughter becomes uncontrollable. It sounds wrong, it goes up in the treble. In the end, you look much more like a mad hysteric than a liberated woman. We'll warn you ...
4. Tips N ° 4: Do not pay a post later
You did not look behind you, you got up immediately, you did not laugh and you left, illico presto. Well done, you won the trophy for the dignified and elegant woman, in all circumstances. We could applaud you for hours. Only downside: you are excited, you thought you were invincible and you finally paid a post, 5 minutes after falling to the ground. Variation of this situation: to take a door, a bay window or to walk in a dog poop. Well yes girls, you have to be vigilant! Be careful where you walk, damn it. Otherwise, you'll blow up all the efforts you've made before. And it really, really, really (we insist, it's important) a pity.

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