May 28, 2024

How to live well your bisexuality?

Love over meetings
Man or woman: how important? Marion prefers to go beyond the gender barrier and talk about her bisexuality: "I am seduced by the personality and charm of someone, whatever their gender. I do not really have choice criteria, just a little nothing for me to crack. One day, I set my sights on a pretty girl, or an older woman and more masculine. The next day, I meet the eyes of a man and the attraction is immediate. I feel lucky, I am rich of all these experiences, all these meetings. "

Do not bi like that!
They are called libertines, individuals who bite life to the fullest, multiply adventures and practice infidelity in high doses. Some heterosexuals collect men before going a little way with "the good". It's the same for the encore, the attraction for both sexes gives them an advantage over the conquests, but they will eventually make their nest when the time is right.

In the meantime, exclusive relationship or simultaneous relationships, lasting stories or adventures with no tomorrow, they enjoy life, live their lives desires, their loves and their bisexuality according to their desires. An enviable freedom, which sometimes arouses astonishment, admiration or jealousy.

Curious beasts
For Brown, easier to pass incognito to a man's arm than to a woman's arm! Brunette: "The people we meet in the street have very different reactions. Some laugh, others send us murderous glances. It is not always about malice, sometimes it is amazement and curiosity that prevail. Fighting "hetero-normality" and homosexual etiquette is his personal challenge, but also that of all bisexuals. "At the base, I did not try to militate, I just wanted to let me live in peace, walk hand in hand with my half without being stared at. But we are so prejudiced that we have to defend our cause. Spread the message: we are bisexual, we do not do anything wrong, there is no normality, just hasty reasoning and minds too much compartmentalized by the politically correct and outdated morality. "

A woman with a woman
They have loved men and maybe they will come back. For now, they have bet to abandon themselves in the arms of a woman. A relationship apart, often based on complicity and dialogue. We are far from the image that makes millions of men fantasize!
No story of "who makes the man, who makes the woman? ". In the eyes of the other, they discover themselves as they are and learn to fantasize about a person of the same sex. Cuddles take on a new flavor, just like everyday life. Many codes change, but some remain the same as with a man. Fidelity, trust, for example. Path to lesbianism or transitional stage and experimental, it does not matter, they live the present while knowing that being bi reserves many surprises!
To live hidden to better live its bisexuality?

The secret, some choose to put it in the game. Sometimes by play, but most often by fear. Fear of the reaction of relatives, fear of disappointment, fear of immorality, fear of being isolated and little by little, to become an outcast. They have been there before embarking, to assume their lifestyle, their difference, their wealth:
"I announced it to my parents at the age of twenty-five. I started juggling men and women around the age of twenty. And during those five years, I put pressure on myself, I was convinced that what I was doing was wrong and that it might end up going away. My relatives finally accepted my way of life, after a difficult period. Clara is not an isolated case. Many bisexuals say that their double orientation is fleeting and that they will not need to reveal it. This is often wrong.

"I kept my secret barely six months before informing my mother. I was sixteen and panicked thinking I was abnormal. She told me that I had to do my experiments, that I live my double sexuality to know "to which side" my heart was turning. Today, she is convinced that I am a lesbian, although I do not know it myself ... "To include one's family in the confidence is the best way to accept oneself and to move forward.

And as Jenny's story demonstrates, when bisexuality begins at a very young age, it can quickly become an extremely heavy burden. Know how to surround yourself with people you trust ... men or women!

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