December 10, 2023

How to make the perfect smoky colored eye?

The right color
If the technique of the smoky eye can be declined in any shade, for the fall-winter, however, we prefer the dark colors as the classics gray or brown. We also dare different shades of purple, plum, blue and green, for a more fashionable makeup, or even khaki, the trend color of the season.
Among this vast choice of colors, how to know which one is made for us? There are actually no rules. Now, all the makeup artists pros agree that no color is prohibited to anyone. Makeup is made to have fun, we can afford everything. However, those who are unsure of themselves and are afraid of false beauty will choose a color complementary to that of their iris. Thus, impossible to be mistaken, they are the ones that best highlight each color of eyes. For blue eyes, it will be brown, brown, copper, golden or apricot eyeshadow. Green eyes will opt for red derivatives: plum, purple, purple or pink. As for brown eyes, they can afford everything because everything goes well or almost, but the blue is particularly flattering.
The right tools
Some pro use up to 5 eyeshadow to make a smoky. Beginners will be content with two colors - a light and a dark one - or three different ones - a light, a medium and a dark one of the same color - for the slightly more elaborate technique. A kohl pencil, black or color chosen for makeup, will also be needed, the real smoky eye being made on a fat basis. Finally, you will need two brushes: a dish to put the makeup and a round to fade. The smoky and smoky finish indeed comes from blurring. Without him, no smoky.
The technique
After applying an eyelid base to maximize the makeup hold, draw a large line of kohl flush eyelashes on the eyelid. Blend the color up. Then apply the dark shadow over with the flat brush while patting, go up to the hollow of the eyelid. To create the smoky halo, then lay the same shadow along the lower lashline. If you have chosen to use only two blushes, you darken the dark shade alone by degrading the color towards the eyebrow and the outside of the eye. If you have a medium shade, it is deposited in the hollow of the eyelid and then melts the two colors together. Be sure to blend on the edges to bring the smoked finish. Finally, apply the iridescent blush under the brow bone and in the inner corner of the eye to bring brightness to the makeup.

Blue Glitter Smokey Eye Tutorial (December 2023)