December 1, 2021

How to make up the lower lashes?

After the eternal question "must we remove make-up remover milk", this is another issue that tears beautystas, and more broadly, all those who are afraid to commit a faux-pas beauty. Should makeup, or not, the bottom eyelashes? To this crucial question, no definitive answer, but two schools, or rather philosophies, according to the desired effect and the shape of your eyes.

If yes...
- I want a glamorous, intense eye makeup that highlights the look
- I have big eyes (indeed the pose of mascara on the lower lashes tends to dull the look)
- I have the expert hand: watch out for slippage!
- If I do not have the easy tear at the movies
- If I do not put eye liner

Not if
- I'm looking to enlarge the look
- Hyper sensitive, I cry in front of the eviction of Gourcuff of the France team
- I have the address of an elephant in a porcelain store

The solution ?
The mascara (mini but very effective) special lower eyelashes Clinical. With its rikiki brush but ultra precise, no risk of wrong maneuver or package unsightly. Its formula "Thermoactive" does not run, does not drool: it is very convenient to the beach. In addition to makeup and denser eyes, it treats with its formula rich in jojoba oil ... another argument that should appeal to women whose lashes tend to be less supplied with the years.

The good gesture beauty: if your eyelashes are very short, place the brush of the mascara vertically, apply the product in small movements then back on the area by proceeding by movements.
The most beautiful: it removes makeup in warm water with a cotton.

Price: 15 euros

MAKEUP HACK: Trick For Fuller Lower Lashes (December 2021)