August 15, 2022

How to occupy children in the mountains: they testify

Sandrine, mother of three children.
It's been three years now that every year we take our family at the mountain. Our eldest at 14 and our youngest child just turned nine. Once at the cottage, we unpack our collection of board games. Usually, too busy with the pace of work, we do not take the time to play with our children. For them and for us, holidays are synonymous with games and family.

Joel, divorced father.
When I separated from my wife, I wanted to take my six-year-old daughter to winter sports thinking of spending a special moment with her. Once there, I enrolled in ski school ... always imagining make him happy. And that was the drama: compared to my child's tears, Niagara Falls is nothing at all. She then explained to me that she was afraid that the ski instructor would not be waiting for her on the slopes. He, like me, reassured him. During his first class, I followed him. My presence soothed her and she finished the rest of the classes until she got her first snowflake.

Marie, single mother.
I have been raising Theo alone since birth. No way for me to deprive myself of holidays! To be able to fully enjoy it, I enter the kindergarten in the morning and afternoon, I get it to train in atypical visits. We were able to participate in the milking of cows in a stable and even visit a breeding St. Bernard. Theo loved it!

Drawing From Unseen Resources | Paul Keith Davis (August 2022)