May 29, 2023

How to put all the chances on my side to have a baby?

To increase your chances of conceiving a child, bet above all on a healthy lifestyle. Dairy, fruits and vegetables, legumes, meat, fish ... Eat balanced and forget the diets. Not only does excessive thinness reduce fertility, but a low-calorie diet can cause deficiencies. If you want to lose a few pounds, start a small diet several months before you conceive baby and wait to stabilize your weight. Otherwise, beware of the yoyo effect.

Also limit your alcohol consumption, stop smoking and go easy on caffeine. These substances diminish your chances of procreation. Replace your pina colada with a virgin colada, without alcohol, espresso with a deca, and Coke light with sparkling mineral water.

It's been several months since you are trying to fall pregnant, without success ? Give nature a boost by eating more foods that contain vitamin B9 or folic acid. It is found in yeast, peas, lettuce, lentils, etc. If it reduces the risk of malformation of the fetus, it would also promote ovulation according to some specialists.

Make love often
To put the odds on your side, cuddle every third day and not just in ovulation. Because if ovulation occurs on the 14thth day of a 28 day cycle you can be pregnant from 10th at 17th about day. But during irregular cycles, it is sometimes difficult to know where we are. By making love often, you increase your chances of being pregnant.

Take your temperature
Realizing a temperature curve can also allow you to know the ideal time to design. But beware, to be reliable, take your temperature every day, with the same device and under the same conditions, in the morning and lying down.
Otherwise, opt for an ovulation test, less restrictive. Use it three days before the presumed date. And when the test tells you the green light, cuddle! You will ovulate within 24 to 36 hours.

Take care of your man
The heat affects the quality of sperm and spermatozoa. Shop tight jeans for wider pants. As for the PC, it is placed on the coffee table and not on the genitals. Same precaution with the mobile phone that is removed from the pocket of the jeans of Chouchou, too close to his reproductive system. We buy him a nice bag to slide his smartphone. And we promote the chances of conceiving a child.

Stop putting pressure on yourself
All the moms you will say it, it is at the moment when we think of it the least we fall pregnant. Let nature do it and do not be obsessed with your pregnancy. Indeed, it takes between six months and a year before falling pregnant. So do not panic if the test is negative and continue to cuddle to increase your chances of success. A little bit of cabbage will soon fill your couple!

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