April 17, 2024

How to react to the first flirts?

When do the first flirts appear?
The metamorphosis of the body often accompanies the first flirts. Puberty is the main trigger for awakening to sexuality. The first rules in girls and first ejaculations in boys are the warning signs. These events are often accompanied by the first serious flirts that must of course be distinguished childhood loves where one holds hands to do as dad and mom.

Attention, vigilance!
Stay alert, the first flirts are to be taken seriously. They can engender melancholy, violence or stress in your children depending on the relationship they have with their partner. Love sorrows can be destructive. In any case do not hesitate to establish the dialogue, but without forcing. Anyway, your children will only indulge if they feel like it.

Do not hesitate to talk about it
With the discovery of the senses, the first flirtations can also be synonymous with sexual relations. We are no longer in the 50s. Talk about it is no longer taboo. Do not hesitate to discuss or make an appointment with a gynecologist. You should know that ignorance and lack of information are much more harmful to teenagers than an abundance of information even if sometimes it may seem embarrassing. This is the moment of all doubts. A little explanation will certainly help your child to respect himself, to be respected and to better understand his body in full transformation. Do everything to make this moment as good as possible.

Referrer, an important person
The dialogue is certainly necessary, but we must respect the secret garden of your child. Do not take information from him against his will. It will be revealed when the need arises. On this subject, it often happens that teenagers take a referral. Do not be offended if you are not the first choice on the list. You will not necessarily have the beautiful role. As parents, everything you can say will not necessarily be accepted. The children often prefer to confide in someone in the family, symbol of stability (aunt, big sister, grandparents, close relatives, ...). They will choose it themselves and this will help them to dramatize certain experiences.

Thanks to Dr. Alain BRACONNIER for his advice.

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