June 9, 2023

How to remedy the tooth sensitivity?

If for you, eating an ice cream or drinking hot tea causes a feeling of discomfort accompanied by more or less violent pains, the explanation is very simple ... Your dentine is weakened. Dentine is the most sensitive part of the tooth: it is the organ of the tooth and is covered by enamel, which protects it by covering it
Several factors cause the loss of enamel : the wear of the teeth, the "too intensive brushing", a toothpaste too pickling ... The consumption of too acidic beverages (sodas, lemon juice ...) also cause the premature wear of the enamel which plays less well its protective role.
The retraction of the gums in the case of certain oral diseases
can also explain this phenomenon.

Fear of pain can result in dental hygiene neglected, which favors the installation of microbes, increased irritation, increasing hyper sensitivity.

Your first gesture must be to use a toothpaste specially designed for sensitive teeth with a brush with soft bristles and small head. Avoid overly violent and disordered brushing, as this discomfort is largely caused by unsuitable brushing (this should last at least two minutes).

After brushing, make a mouthwash with a solution adapted to your hypersensitivity.
If you drink an irritating soda for enamel, wait at least 30 minutes to brush your teeth.
Our advice:
The brushing should be slow: make circular movements, from the gum to the tooth, and brush the inner and outer part of the tooth as well as the chewing areas.


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