July 3, 2020

How to revive the flame in your relationship?

Make yourself beautiful just for him
You can not leave your home without makeup, hair ... Why not pay the same attention to your appearance when you find your darling every night? Remember to make yourself a beauty before your reunion, it takes a few minutes and he will appreciate your efforts. Another popular variant of the male sex: welcome him in sexy outfit. Naughty hugs guaranteed.


Wake up the blue cord that lies dormant in you
Love and cooking have always been good! Surf among our hundreds of recipes, to prepare a good little gourmet dinner. A pleasure of the senses by calling another, you will encourage your lover to rediscover the pleasures of the flesh.

Suggest new erotic games
Renewal is one of the secrets to the success of your couple : spice up your sex by inviting sex toys, or by playing new games (incongruous places, striptease ...), you will certainly find the enthusiasm of the beginnings.

Put your talents in values
A successful woman is exciting! Do not miss an opportunity to tell him about your professional accomplishments or the compliments you receive from the men you meet.

Aguichez it
A naughty little smile, a look full of envy ... He will not resist. During the day, send him emails or sms very evocative, he will be in a hurry to find you.

Show him your desire
A man loves to feel the desire of his partner and can not resist advances. Put aside your shyness and tell him that you want him, take initiatives (find him in his shower ...), he can not say no.

Tell him you like him
A woman needs to feel loved, your man too. The life of couple daily creates a routine that is not conducive to declarations of love. Remember to tell him that you are proud to be his sweetheart and that you love him as the first day.

Vary the daily
A romantic dinner, a weekend in lover, a holiday at the end of the world ... It's good, it changes the routine but why not also organize your daily so that it is varied and tender: fat morning in bed, evenings board games, a jogging for two, an aperitif eyes in the eyes ...


7 Ways to Bring The Spark Back In A Relationship (July 2020)