August 14, 2022

How to seduce an ecologist in 10 lessons

Lunch, dine, nibble organic 
Bye bye fertilizers and pesticides that denature and poison foods that end up on your plates! Hello biodiversity and a healthy diet! While eating organicnot only are you fighting against the pollution of the planet, but you are helping your organization. Now you can find vegetables, fruits, cereals, and all kinds of certified foods organic close to home. So no false excuses, shop well, shoppez organic. Guaranteed effect for your darling, a candlelight dinner organic and he will be conquered!

The car stays in the garage
Avoid tumbling to your appointments at the controls of your big 4 × 4, or even your mini. Opt for public transport, walking or cycling. Your legs will thank you and your future conquest will not need to teach you a lesson. Do you have to drive to find it? You still have the option of the hybrid car, which runs on gasoline and electricity, so less polluting ... A little radical certainly, but the elected of your heart and the planet will appreciate the gesture!

Make a habit of sorting your waste
At home, on holiday, at work, make it a daily reflex. This is the simplest gesture to protect the planet, you just have to rely on colors: yellow for recyclable waste (plastic, cardboard, cans), white for glass and green for household waste ( food waste, etc.). No doubt, Mr. Green will be pleasantly surprised to discover that you practice sorting. A good point for you!

An organic wardrobe is amazing but it's possible!
Clothes bios proudly display their 100% cotton, material produced with the most natural methods. The goal: to avoid as much as possible pesticides, fertilizers and chemical products that deteriorate the environment ... Brands such as Ideo, Tudo Bom, Pachama, Laspid, SomeWhere develop real textile ranges 100% organic cotton. But more generally, you will find them in shops that practice fair trade. Another possibility: order them on the Internet! And know, ladies, that you dress organic will not make you hippies or sixty-eight on the return. So down the prejudices, test and put the odds on your side to seduce your favorite ecologist ...

Go green!
The first appointments are behind you and it's time to move on to the next stage: the romantic weekend. Go for an eco-friendly getaway! Rural house, green spa, tree house, luxury hotel that practices eco-tourism, you have the choice! Plan to do steps in restaurants bios to discover new flavors that respect your palate and the environment!

Read, listen, look green
A TV party huddled in his arms? We forget the nonsense with rose water, your little cute sin and we go directly to the program of choice: a green film. Said like that, it may not be very attractive, but think again, it's often quality movies. Examples include "The Migrating People", "An Inconvenient Truth", "The Day After", etc. And since you're welcoming it to your home, just as much make a good impression: highlight your books, magazines and green objects to impress mister.

Be eco-friendly
You want him out the big game tonight, but be careful, it will be necessary to make a cross on the bubble bath. Consume 150 liters of water unnecessarily, your nature lover may not see it in a good way! But nothing prevents you to replace the water games with other kinds of love games ... out of the bathroom!

Make him see thirty-six candles
The theme of your next evening in tete-a-tete is everything: a dinner by candlelight. One: the tone is given, tonight we do in romanticism (this may give ideas to your friend). Two: it's flattering ... forgotten the small imperfections that we usually try to hide under a mountain of makeup! Three: the shock argument ... which says candle says saving energy!

Show yourself concerned
Direction "Sustainable Planet", "Living differently" or any exhibition on the theme of ecology! We only give you the opportunity to educate you, but above all you show your man that you feel concerned about the future of the planet and that you are ready to share his lifestyle.

Be nature!
Last lesson to seduce the ecologist of your heart: to be a friend of nature! For some, nothing difficult, you live or make regular outings to the countryside, you love animals and do not make a face when you have to swap the shoes against a pair of boots. For others, it's not won! In this case, do not bother to make tons and pretend that you were a farmer in another life, simply do not pass for the city service, allergic to good air and green grass .

The psychology of seduction | Raj Persaud | TEDxUniversityofBristol (August 2022)