June 25, 2022

How to take care of her breasts?

To maintain your breast every day, just a few simple actions that ensure the beauty of the breasts.
The beauty of the breasts is first and foremost a support.
So, get straight, and remember to keep your back straight all day.
At night, adopt a supine position so as not to compress your breasts.
Stretch shoulders back to restore chest tone. The gym is good for the chest: swim on the back to strengthen the chest or exercises toning the bust with a weight in each hand.

The beauty of the breasts is played in the bathroom.
Finish your daily shower with a cold shower on the breasts, it tones the tissues and stimulates microcirculation. You can even regularly apply an ice glove to further firm the skin that supports the chest.
Pamper your bust with weekly exfoliating scrubs to renew cells and stimulate circulation. Then apply your body cream or a special cream for the breasts, gently practicing circular massages.

The beauty of the breasts does not support: prolonged sunbathing without protective cream, violent gymnastic movements, team sports, weight variations, hot baths, bad postures such as arms crossed, poor nutrition ...

Our advice
The bra is the essential accessory to the beauty of the breasts. Choose it comfortable, it should not compress you. Get advice from a salesgirl for the size and adjustment of the suspenders, because it should not mark the bust or the shoulders at the end of the day. If you are sporty, adopt a special sports bra that keeps the breasts better.

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