October 27, 2021

How to talk to your child about sexuality? At each age his questions!

Interest in the sexuality starts at 3 years old!

He may still have his little baby but your child is already interested in sex at that age. Do not be deceived. All specialists agree on this point.
It is at this age that he generally discovers that boys and girls are not made the same, that they have a different sex. As a parent, just emphasize this distinction, without going into too much detail.
You can for example give a little name like "zezette" to the sex of girls and explain to him that he has a "zizi", it will facilitate his understanding and he will memorize more easily this state of affairs.

It is also around 3-4 years that the famous question "How do we make babies?" appears in general. This question will obviously be more pressing if he sees his pregnant mother ...
Then avoid telling him the story of the stork who puts children in homes or babies born in cabbages. When he asks this question, the child expects a real answer about the origin of the babies so avoid telling him a story to sleep.
Just tell him that a seed has been deposited in mom's belly by dad and he will not ask you more because at that age, he is not the technical side does not worry him yet.

Around 5-6 years

This is the age when the child asks himself questions about his origins. He will rather question why?
If you have already talked to him about the little seed before, that's fine but you have to explain that this seed is the fruit of a love between dad and mom. He will feel reassured to know that he is loved. He must not imagine that he arrived there by chance or by accident. If he thinks, for example, that a stork has left him at home or has miraculously appeared in a cabbage, nothing proves to him that you really want him!

From 8 years to 11 years

The technical aspects of sexuality start to interest him. They seek information on anatomy, reproduction ... His natural science courses but also the observation of animals can put him on the path. If he asks you technical questions at this age and you are not sure how to answer him, you can always buy him a book at once both informative and playful on the question (The guide of the sexual zizi - ZEP and Hélène Bruller- Glénat).

Around 12 years

The body changes and the anxieties of puberty begin. Girls have breasts that grow and sometimes their first period. Boys are starting to molt and are increasingly interested in the other sex.
The girls will then be more likely to confide in their mother and the boys to seek information from their friends.
This is not an easy age and these changes can be a source of anxiety for both girls and boys. As a parent, you need to stay tuned and respond clearly to your child without rushing him; it is necessary to preserve his privacy.

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