August 4, 2020

How to treat a mixed skin?

What is a combination skin?
The skin is mixed, that is to say it is composed of two textures in different places that meet specific needs. It is thus characterized by a fatty zone on the median zone (or the famous T from the forehead to the chin) and a dry or normal zone on the cheeks. And here begins the puzzle! How to remedy the excess of sebum of the zone T without drying out the cheeks too much?
Target products
About ten years ago (as many millennia in the cosmetics industry), some wise women juggled between care for oily and dry skin. Hello, the mess in the bathroom! Today, there is care adapted to the specificities of the mixed skin. So the first rule in this area is to choose ALL of its products according to your needs: from make-up remover to day cream, mask and night cream. A moment of inattention, a texture too rich or fat and it is the disaster for a week!
Follow the rituals
Mixed skin requires a real beauty ritual that consists of a scrub or exfoliant once a week and a mattifying mask at the same frequency. The skin must also be perfectly clean in the morning before makeup and in the evening before sleeping. Here again a make-up removal and it is the colony of black spots insured on the tip of the nose! In the event of a seizure, you can choose masks for oily skin that you apply only in the middle zone.
The irreproachable cleansing will be rather with micellar waters that are transparent textures engorged with water. Never apply milk, too fat, or lotion, too dry. In the morning, you will clean your skin with toning lotions that regulate sebum, purify gently and especially help to tighten the pores. Banish the alcohol-based formulas, too stripping!
Ensure hydration
It's not because you have oily skin that you should not hydrate it. On the contrary! Before makeup, you would prefer moisturizing, non-greasy textures! The cream must be fluid, easily penetrable, allowing the skin to breathe without shine. With good weather, take a cream with a sun clue especially if you are in a period of acne (watch out for pimples scars with the sun!). If you really do not feel completely clean, you'll relax your nose (and also the forehead and chin, of course!), With these sebum-absorbing magic leaves. To avoid the "wet" effect, the "oil free" or mineral textures of the foundation also make it possible to ensure a matification throughout the day.
The selection
Moisturizing mask, exfoliating, absorbent, Avène Cleanance, 11,85?
Gel-Cream moisturizing sorbet Aquapulpe, Galenic, 13.50?
Balancing Rehydrating Care, Mixa, 4,54?
Active micellar water, Themis, 10,90?
Tinted corrector stick, Keracnyl, 8?
Pure make-up gel-cream foundation, Gemey Maybelline, 8.50?
Iris night cream, Weleda, 16.75?
Thanks to Valérie Bruneau Roucoules, pharmacist and communication officer at Avène.

My Skincare Routine for Combination Skin | Amanda Ensing ♡ (August 2020)