April 20, 2024

How to wear blue mascara?

What blue mascara for me?
There are two types of mascara blue, marines and electric blues, and they do not go to the same colors of iris. If it can be worn by brown eyes, the mascara navy blue is particularly flattering on blue eyes. It can even replace the black that hardens the look. It is indeed softer and therefore less aggressive. It also offers a more natural result. The mascara Electric blue (lagoon, Klein, turquoise, flashy hues and lighter than navy blue) will look better in brown eyes. If the brown irises sparkle, however, it is reserved for the summer. However, it is better to avoid the electric blue when you have blue eyes. Indeed, this tone on tone (two light colors on one another) does not highlight the look. To associate these two shades too close will drown the blue eyes. When the look is worked monochrome, nothing comes out. It needs a contrast if it flattens the eye.
What eye makeup with blue mascara?
The easiest makeup is to match his eyeshadow to the color of his mascara, navy with marine and electric with electric. A classic that avoids beauty faux pas. If we find that this tone on your lack of pep, we play rather the contrasts. The mascara navy blue can be used with almost any shade of makeup. It allows to obtain a result less hard than with black. Flashy blue is harder to wear. For a psychedelic makeup, it is associated with a line of neon blue liner. Less radical, it is deposited on the tip of the eyelashes, in top coat of our mascara black, to dress the look. In the evening, we can also associate it with a black smoky eye for an original makeup. But it is the exception that confirms the rule. In fact, we avoid mascaras a lighter color than our eyeshadow, otherwise eyelashes are drowned and we hardly see them anymore. But it is they who structure the look.
With what lip makeup do you wear blue mascara?
One can test the radical option: blue eyelashes, a naked eyelid without any makeup and an orange or fuchsia neon mouth. A very fashionable color block to book however in summer and under 25 years. The total fluo look is difficult to assume after a certain age. If we opt for a more sophisticated makeup associating mascara blue and look worked, the lips will remain nude. Since everything is played on the eyes, the mouth must remain neutral. But nude does not mean naked. To avoid an unbalanced makeup, we dress the lips with a beige or pink red, or a gloss with light shine.

Blue Mascara Trick, Tips & Favs (April 2024)