May 28, 2024

How to wear his dark lipstick?

What texture to choose for its dark lipstick? Matte, satin or gloss?
The choice of texture is very important. Even if the hue is the same, with the different textures, we will not have the same result at all. Thus the brilliance reveals the lips, it gives them a pulpy side. If we have thin lips and we want to try the dark mouth, then we will go more to gloss.

The mat will offer a more sophisticated result but you have to be careful. It is necessary to distinguish the dark pearly, easier to wear because it has a touch of brightness, matte. The dark mat does not support damaged lips. This finish requires ultra-clean lips because it accentuates their defects like cracks or small skins. If the lips are not perfect, it will be seen. Moreover, he reduces the lips. It is not made for thin lips. It is rather to reserve the mouths fleshy, without defects and well drawn.

With which makeup to wear a dark mouth?

The complexion must be well made, unified and luminous. For eye makeup, the lipstick dark are very pretty with a line of liner or eyelashes very worked. They are also very beautiful with thick eyebrows because it gives continuity, so we have a more fashionable result. To soften them, you also need a touch of light in the makeup, a glowy complexion or a bright eye shadow, gold or iridescent beige, for example.
We can also play the opposite effect with a totally nude makeup. But then, something has to follow in the look, the hairstyle or the outfit are sophisticated. Dark shades are not easy colors to wear and the rest of the look must be consistent with that strong mouth. In fact, dark reds are primarily fashion accessories and do not support mediocrity. On the podiums, lipstick Dark are always associated with a strict fashion because they have a certain coldness that goes with this kind of outfits, often black or dark too. Moreover, the dark mouth is only flashed on the autumn-winter parades. But it's not because these reds are beautiful on the catwalks that they will go in real life with our everyday look.

How To Wear Dark Lipstick - And Look Good! (May 2024)