July 10, 2020

How to wear my man's XXL sweatshirt?

The sweatshirt is chic. Yes, yes, ladies ... This sweater long reserved for sports or Sunday rainy evenings when going out the garbage is back in force in all the wardrobes of fashion. Far from his inelegant image, this sweater often inform is feminized. Since last season already, the couturiers gave him the fair share in the parades. The sporty-chic allure seen in men is a trend that one would do well to adopt. But how to glamorize this masculine piece par excellence?

First of all, you have a wide choice of models. Message, logo, print, uni, name of a team or an American college, girly colors ... The sweatshirt is visited and revisited by all brands and often sports very feminine detail: sequins, patterns, panels. Once the sweatshirt of your dreams is found, you have to tackle the association with your daily outfits. But how to wear it while having style?

Sporty-chic, preppy or bohemian look?

For those who want to play the look sport thoroughly, it is possible. But no matter how. We forget the jogging bottom or the baggy. Who says high enough to lose and masculine, says feminine bottom and adjusted. So you can choose a skirt, a slim down but opt ​​for wedge trainers for feet. Why not play it full with a cap, but it does not always go very well in the office.

The sweatshirt can also be interpreted in American college fashion, very preppy. We play schoolgirl chic style thoroughly, with carrot pants, a small shirt that lets the collar stand out under the sweater and small oxfords, flat or high heels. If the model is long, you can let it go over and belt it around the waist. Do not forget the very feminine accessories like a plastron necklace, for example.

This piece can even adapt to a look Bohemia. With a long skirt that will always be fashionable next season, the sleeves a little raised to play on the proportions and a big scarf around the neck and a short denim jacket not to mention the big jewelry on the wrists ... In short, there are a thousand and one ways to reinvent the sweatshirt while remaining stylish.

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