July 12, 2024

Humanitarian: to be salaried and willing to commit

Emergency Planet is an association that offers humanitarian or ecovolunteer missions, which do not require the request for an exceptional leave for employees. These missions can be children's education, adult education and environmental protection. You can leave during your holidays and finance your mission (expenses and plane tickets, including a tax-deductible part) or ask your employer a "solidarity leave" on your vacation time (sometimes, the plane ticket remains at your expense). Solidarity leave is a partnership between an employer, an association and an employee. The employer fiance the employee mission performed during his time off and the association is responsible for organizing and coordinating the humanitarian mission. More information on: //www.planete-urgence.org/
The international solidarity association PassWorld supports social entrepreneurs and scientific teams who work for sustainable development or environmental solutions. These volunteer missions cover many projects around the world. Info on //www.passworld.fr/

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