August 2, 2021

Hyaluronic acid, the new star of our beauty

What is thehyaluronic acid ?
He is now on everyone's lips, stealing the limelight with glycerine, fruit acids, shea butter ... HA, as it is called, is the new miracle cure for wrinkles. Specificity? He is naturally present in our body. And retains water in the cells, which gives the skin a good level of hydration. It also allows to restore the volumes of the face. Known since 1934, this naturally occurring active was first observed by scientists in the eye of beef! We find, in fact,hyaluronic acid in small amounts in the eyes.
Screaming cosmetics ...
The first care that incorporates it in its composition is "Repair Estée Lauder's Night Repair" in 1982. A success but, at the time, we do not communicate yet on the benefits of thehyaluronic acid. Shiseido, for its part, was the first to manufacture, use and commercialize a patented biosynthetic molecule, less expensive than that previously extracted from the rooster crest. "It is now the most powerful moisturizing molecule (one gram retains 6 liters of water)," says Isabelle Safarian, in charge of communication of the Japanese brand.

It's no coincidence that all the brands have fallen in love with it. Starting with L'Oreal with Derma Genesis ("cellular youth creative care with pro-xylan and hyaluronic acid ", Appearing in large letters on the bottle) which makes a tobacco (19.80 euros the 50 ml) and its new lipstick" Color Riche "which promises" lips regalbées and hydrated ". There is also somehyaluronic acid at Eluage d'Avène (29 euros), Barbara Gould (corrector serum anti wrinkle 13,20 euros the 30 ml), Clarins and its perfector brush (26 euros) ... The organic products are not in rest. Example with Patyka Repairing Organic Face Cream (80 euros, 50 ml) which forms a moisturizing film with a soft and velvety finish.
Better than botox to erase the effects of time
Cosmetic surgery tends to retreat, the gentle method, it knows a boom. The treatment of wrinkles based on HA passes through gel injections. The nasolabial folds and folds of bitterness (on each side of the mouth to the chin) are the most frequently targeted areas.

In practice, the doctor stings a few millimeters deep. The effect is immediate. It is not very painful but you can ask for local anesthesia. "No test is necessary, it is not an allergenic substance," says the French association of morpho-aesthetic and anti-aging medicine. It is much better tolerated, for example, than collagen.
Depending on the number of wrinkles to treat, a session lasts between 10 and 30 minutes and costs between 160 and 360 euros. It is also possible to take somehyaluronic acid in the form of capsules or capsules.

My experience with injectable Hyaluronic Acid, Profhilo (August 2021)