January 16, 2022

Hygiene: baby's underwear take on colors

It's up to you to choose the color!

They exist in the following colors: raspberry, granny smith, bubble gum, apricot, bondi beach .... And yes the small buttocks of baby will dress in vitaminized colors.

These panties, already chic and ecological, are also 100% made in France. The Hamac brand rhymes ethics and aesthetics to the delight of parents and the environment.

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This is a patented baby panties with a layer function thanks to its very clever hammock system. Parents come to place either a washable mattress (organic cotton and hemp) or a disposable mattress (biodegradable 100% cellulose and no chemical). As for the fabrics, they are certified Okeo tex 100. In summary, they are simple as panties and effective as a layer.

Good to know !

Hammock diapers ... it's 900 euros won from the first child compared to conventional disposable diapers.

Practical information:

1 panty + 1 washable mattress + 2 disposable mattresses + 1 protective veil: 32 à 34 ?

You will find them in specialized shops. The list of points of sale is on the site Hammock.

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