April 1, 2020

I am constipated: why and what are the solutions?

Constipation results in difficulty in evacuating stool and often results from food unbalanced and lack of exercises. The more the stool stagnates in the colon, the more painful the evacuation with the risk of hemorrhoids.

The causes of constipation are multiple. It can result from a pathology more complex called irritable bowel syndrome, which results in very violent digestive disorders.

Constipation can also be the consequence of hormonal changes important as a pregnancy or menopause.

Taking certain medications may delay evacuation stool and make them hard: anti-depressants, anti-spasmodic, morphine, codeine ...

Some food intolerances, like lactose for example can cause constipation ...

Treatments and prevention of constipation

Oral or anal laxatives are a punctual response to your constipation. This is not to abuse because they can have the opposite effect in the long run. Similarly, laxative herbal tea type Herbezan / Mediflore should be drunk in moderation

In case of chronic constipation, you should focus on high-fiber foods that will be consumed by drinking plenty of water, which can irritate your gut. Foods such as whole grains, kiwis, prunes, plums, apples, rhubarb, salad ... are to be consumed very regularly to facilitate digestion.

A balanced diet often comes to grips with transit problems. In your usual pasta, prefer those with whole wheat. Avoid white bread, cold cuts ... And then, have the reflex to start your day by drinking a large glass of fresh water.
Our advice
To improve the transit, drink at least 2 liters of water a day, during and between meals. Caffeinated and alcoholic beverages aggravate constipation, so it is best not to abuse it.

Constipation and the Colon - Mayo Clinic (April 2020)